Cocoon: yoga, dance, massage, healing

This is our price list for Cocoon spa

This is our price list for Cocoon spa

Dance camp fun at Cocoon!

Dancing in the city: all the info

We have received so many enquiries about our dance activities: guys, we do hip hop, dance camp, contemporary, African Goombay. We even have a great street jazz class, unique in Joburg !! And we have a kids class on Sunday!

Kids class on Sunday:


Monday: Dance camp at 6:30 pm

Tuesday: Stretch and tone at 5pm, Hip hop at 7 pm

Thursday: Dance camp at 6:30pm

Friday: Street jazz at 7pm

Saturday: Hip hop at 9 am

Sunday: Dance camp at 10:30am, Cocoon kids at 12, Africa Goombay at 1 pm

Dance camp class three times a week, a fitness meet dance work out:


Each class is 55 rands but membership options available on request.

More info: or 0790726151.

We are located in the Main Change building (5th floor), 20 Kruger street in Maboneng.

Lee, street jazz instructor:


Cocoon in the city: Sunday August 4th in Maboneng

We are organizing an ”open day” on Sunday August 4th! Come to the market, relax, bring your kids over for a great dance workshop with Lindy! Then, join Mpho for a dance camp session! Finally, come to the Arts on Main garden (Fox street entrance) to enjoy a 10 mn massage and talk to Cocoon great staff of masseuses, dancers, yoga instructors and natural healers. It’s all happening in the street at the market on Main! Contact or 0790726151 to register for dance workshops!

Five reasons to get Douglas’ massage

Douglas has graduated from Linmarie school of massage in 2005 and is known for being a specialist of deep tissue massage for dancers and athletes. He has also trained in therapeutic massages, including lymph drainage massages. Douglas has worked for several years in Turkey’s hotels and spas. He has also been the official masseuse of musical company African footprints for 2 years.


Here are 5 reasons why you should come over to Cocoon for Douglas’ massages :


1-    Because his touch is strong yet controlled.

2-    He makes you feel his commitment and passion for massage

3-    His unique blend of lemongrass based oils is just to die for

4-   He delivers an out of this world head massage: my husband said he would go back even if it was only for the head massage

5-    He is extraordinarily adept at putting you at ease and making you relax



       Douglas will be at Cocoon from August 5th every Monday,             Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Dr Derek brings natural medecine to Cocoon


Dr. Derek B. Johnson is a doctor of medicine in alternative medicine. His Techniques are drawn on Naturopathic methods employed in Chinese medicine, Unani Tibb, Western herbalism and Naturopathy.

“Diet and lifestyle are always critical to good health, but sometimes we have to intervene with natural medicines and modern scientific methods to arrive at optimum health. However, attention is always paid to an holistic approach, body, mind, spirit. The basic premises’ behind natural medicine being – where is the imbalance and how can we redress it?”

Dr Derek B Johnson is available for consultations at Cocoon every Friday and Saturday.



Breathing with Dr Ela on Madiba’s day

As a French girl in South Africa, you quickly learn not to underestimate the power of Mandela day. A little bit of background for non South Africans : Every July 18th on Mandela’s birthday, most South Africans give 67 minutes of their time to do good. Why 67 minutes ? I have asked this question so many times, and heard so many different answers. Today someone told me that it is because Nelson has 6 words and Mandela has 7 words… It seems unlikely, so I suspect that the real explanation is just that Dear Madiba spent 67 years of his life fighting for social justice.


Anyways, On Mandela day, Dr Ela decided to offer a free breathwork session in Cocoon’s beautiful yoga studio.


As I had never done breathwork before (why would I have? Do I not breathe naturally ? I’m alive, aren’t I ?J), I decided to try it.


The session began by simply breathing to the sound of an amazingly peaceful music. At the beginning, everybody was breathing at their own rythm. Dr Ela slowly started to guide us to breathe with the music, and at the same time, something special was happening. I felt so calm… My worries and stresses lifted, I was surrounded by positive energy… We then started to breathe together in harmony with the music (how did she do that ??), letting our bodies do whatever they wanted to do. I could feel the emotions coming from the people around me. We were really in a surreal dimension ! This amazing experience lasted 67 minutes, and when I finally opened my eyes, I noticed that everyone around me looked refreshed and relaxed.


Thank you Dr Ela for a wonderful experience !


Pitsira’s philosophy

Pitsira will be teaching yoga at Cocoon from August 5th, every Tuesday at 6pm and Friday at 7am. Cocoon’s team met him to understand what yoga brought to his life:


How did you get into yoga?


As an Afrikan Man I have confronted many questions related to culture, identity and spirituality over the years. Coming from a church background in Limpopo, I had been raised to be more religious than spiritual. As a person who like to exercise, I would jog 3–4 times a week. In 2007 I was introduced to a brother who was a yogi and used to visit my house. He then suggested that as a person who jogs, I should consider doing yoga so that I can have balance and compliment the other two components which are mind and soul. He stayed with us for 2 months at the house and in that time we developed a weekly schedule for jogging and yoga. I was already on a spiritual path attending mentorship sessions with Ebukhosini Solutions for self development,

spiritual growth and Afrikan consciousness. Yoga came as an added benefit to the journey I was already on.

However, I found my first few classes to be very challenging; I disliked many poses, could not understand how it helps the body, mind and the soul and felt that it did not have enough of an exercise element to it. That was until I started attending the spiritual development sessions at Amen Ra Institute in Tshwane where I got initiated into Ausar Auset teachings (based on Kemetic Knowledge). I learnt more about self development, Qi Gong and Yoga. I was amazed to find out about the Afrikan origins of yoga and it resonated well with my spiritual path as an Afrikan Man. After understanding the importance and benefits from doing Yoga, I did not want to stop and the interest has been kept alive until today.


What inspires you?

The philosophy and science of yoga, energy work and good health.


What kind of yoga do you do?


I do Ra-Ma Afrikan yoga, the Ra refers to the Men and Ma to the Women; it is yoga for both Men and Women. It branched from kemetic yoga which put emphasis on alignment of the vertebral column of the spine. Ra-Ma Afrikan yoga is centred around the rejuvenation of the

entire body, mind and soul, not just physical development of outer muscles and flexibility. Ra- Ma Afrikan yoga places its focus on deep breathing, meditation, stretching, balancing, movements and postures. It is about order and balance of the self, helping participants to maintain peace of mind in the face of adversity allowing us to adapt to changes that confront us in life.


What does your yoga bring to each person?

Primarily, the introduction to Ra-Ma Afrikan Yoga will help each person to reduce stress and increase wellness. The direct connection to Afrikan culture is also essential and makes it highly relevant within an Afrikan context.

In essence, Ra-Ma Afrikan Yoga brings to each one the following qualities and benefits:

  1. Increase in Self control

  2. Steady of mind

  3. Observance

  4. Breath control

  5. Ability to meditate

  6. Develop relaxation, concentration and control over thoughts and emotions

  7. Increases flexibility

  8. Strengthened body and blood circulation

  9. Help break negative habits

  10. Builds positive attitude and approach towards life



Cocoon kids class!!

Drop your kids for dance class with while you enjoy a relaxing morning at the Sunday market!


From August 4th, Cocoon is introducing a kids class ! The one-hour class is taught by South African House champion Lindy Liebman ! Lindy started dancing at age of 4. This versatile dancer who has trained in ballet, contemporary, Freestyle, and Hip hop-breakdance has been performing from the age of 17 in South Africa, London,Greece, and new York. Lindy has been teaching freestyle, hip hop and contemporary to kids and teenagers for 5 years.




Cocoon from August 4th: Yoga, dance, massage, healing

YOGA at Cocoon shifts your awareness from a busy chaotic head space, into a heart space which allows you to authentically connect with yourself, as you harmonize your body, emotions and thoughts. Cocoon offers Vinyasa flow yoga and African Ra Man Yoga.


DANCE at Cocoons allows you to de-stress and relax in the heart of the city. Cocoon offers Dance camp, African, Contemporary, Pilates, Funk hip hop, and Stretch and tone classes. Classes are offered before and after work,  and a special Cocoon kids class is offered on Sunday during the weekly Market on Main.


Cocoon is looking at partnering with leading South African massage schools, giving the opportunity to young, passionate and talented individuals to become experts in their field. Cocoon also offers Professional therapists. Come and try our Swedish, Indian head, or foot massage during your lunch break.


Cocoon offers alternative medecine (herbal and nutritional, neuromuscular stimulation techniques, body talk, breathwork), and natural therapies, (traditional chinese medecine , naturopathy, acupressure, magnetotherapy, and medicinal herbalism). A life coach is also in site once a week.